R+M Suttner professional cleaning products

R+M Suttner professional cleaning and hygiene technology

R+M / Suttner is the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning and hygiene technology Made in Germany. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and know-how R+M / Suttner develops and produces high quality components, spare parts and accessories.

R+M / Suttner the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning and hygiene technology

RM FLX200164606 Injector Valve ST-164

R+M Suttner keep a permanent stock of 20,000 different items.

Food Hygiene Specialists can supply wide a range of R+M Suttner professional cleaning and hygiene products including spray guns, nozzles, lances, fittings, hoses and so much more

R+M Suttner components perform even under the most extreme conditions in high or low pressure ranges through functionality, manufacturing quality and user-friendliness. Through-out the years and in permanent use.

From heavy-duty trigger guns to versatile lances and robust nozzles, each product is crafted to enhance the user experience, reduce physical strain, and improve cleaning efficiency. Suttner’s products are not only known for their practical applications but also for their ease of use and maintenance. This makes them ideal for various industries, including automotive, agriculture, and construction, where pressure washing is essential.

Suttner ST-163 Chemical Trolley

We offer a wide range of spares and accessories to suit your equipment



  • The system provides a safe and cost-effective method of odour neutralisation and disinfection.
  • Uniform spray pattern (mist)
    No inhalation of the disinfectant solution.
  • Increased operator safety, as the area to be disinfected does not have to be entered during the process

A compressed air connection is required: Inlet pressure 3 bar, 180-220 l / min. Extremely productive use: (e.g. 1 litre for rooms with 60 m3, room size of approx. 25 m2 or 5 – 7 vehicle compartments

The new Suttner ST-83 cold fog hand tool is ideal for small applications for fogging of disinfectants, odour neutralizers or insecticides

  • With 1L bottle
  • Nozzle size: 0.7
  • Two different fog nozzle inserts are included
  • Better swirling: Particularly suitable in smaller rooms such as passenger com-partments
  • Larger throw range.For the treatment of entire rooms or for targeted treatment at the air intake of ventilation systems

Fields of application:

  • Disinfection
  • Humidification / cooling
  • Odour neutralisation, Dust
  • Precipitation, Vehicle preparation,
  • Decontamination
  • Pest control

Inexpensive and safe application for hygienically germ-free cleaning of interiors to remove microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Also for use on construction sites for dust deposition or mold removal.  No inhalation of the disinfectant solution as rooms do not have to be entered The finest nebulisation of active ingredients comes into the smallest gaps and into the last corner