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Innovative Engineering Solutions

Innovative Engineering Solutions Sales,  Servicing & Repair. Whether you own a Pocket Foamer, Portable Fogger, Wall Mount Foaming Station or Lactic Acid C.I.P , we’ve got an Australia wide maintenance solution.

Main Foaming Station

Innovative Engineering Solutions create systems that are tailored to the needs of food processing industries. The food processing industry require particularly high hygiene standards, quality cleaning devices or washing systems for all work materials used and reused there are just as significant as hygiene solutions for the personnel.


  • Pocket Foamer
  • Portable Fogger
  • Wall Mount Foaming Station
  • Lactic Acid C.I.P
  • Main Station

Pocket Foamer

Pocket Foamer
Pocket Foamer
The IES Pocket Foamer offers a convenient, portable, and budget-friendly solution for incorporating foaming chemicals into water. It features a variety of injector needles for customising the chemical blend. All models come with a pickup tube & stainless-steel drum piercer. 


Cost-Effective Solution: Provides an affordable option for introducing foaming chemicals into water streams compared to larger systems.

Easy-to-Use Design: Designed with simplicity in mind, making it user-friendly for various applications.

Compact and Portable: Designed to be easily carried and used in different locations.

Portable Fogger

Portable Fogger
Portable Fogger

An easy-to-use solution for fogging wherever you need it. Designed for convenience and effectiveness, this device delivers a fine mist of fogging solution with precision and power. Whether you’re disinfecting, controlling pests, or enhancing agricultural practices, its pneumatic technology ensures thorough coverage and efficient dispersion.



Replace bulky equipment with portable fogging whenever you need it


Precise and powerful to gain best results.


Convenient portability for versatile use in various environments.

Recommended Operational Parameters

  • A larger air supply will yield higher-quality fog.
  • It is advised to use a 15mm or larger air supply line.
  • Maintain an air supply of 90 – 100 PSI.

Wall Mount Foaming Station

The IES Wall Mount Foaming Station is a compact unit crafted for simple operation and maintenance. Equipped with a built-in foaming/chemical injector, it facilitates effective foaming and disinfection processes, producing dense foam as needed. The injectors are manually adjustable for user convenience, while all components that come into contact with cleaning products are made of stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance.

Wall Mount Foaming Station



        • Flushing (5 bar): 17 L/min
        • Foaming (5 bar): 7 L/min


        • Air at 6 bar: 150 L/min

Operating Parameters

        • Pressure: 3-10 bar
        • Maximum Temperature for Injector: 70ºC
        • Maximum Temperature for Standard Hose: 55ºC
        • Weight:
        • Weight of 1P: 6 kg

Dosing Range

        • 1-6%

Lactic Acid C.I.P.

Our lactic acid CIP effectively reduces bacterial counts on carcasses. Samples from different regions exhibit significant reductions in aerobic plate count (APC) by 3.0 to 3.3 log cycles, with coliform and E. coli counts reaching undetectable levels post-treatment. This underscores the efficacy of our lactic acid CIP in maintaining stringent safety standards.

Lactic Acid C.I.P


Enhanced Food Safety

  • Reduces bacterial populations on beef carcasses.

Compliance with Safety Standards

  • Meets regulatory requirements for food hygiene.


  • Provides an effective and economical solution for microbial control.
    Lactic Acid C.I.P

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